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The organization as well as Electronic Media is a trade union of working journalists of Pakistan and it will be called “Media Federation of Pakistan” Hereinafter referred to as “The MFP”

The objectives of the federation shall be:-

  • To raise the status and improve the qualification of all the members of the journalistic profession.

  • To promote generally the interests of journalists and journalism both for Print and Electronic Media, in English Urdu Punjabi, Pashtu, Balochi, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Saraiki or any other language spoken in Pakistan.

  • To act for its members for the purpose of protecting there legitimate rights pertaining to wages and conditions of service.

  • To provide for the protection of its members in the event of a Trade dispute.

  • a).
    To help unity of all workers of the media industry in Pakistan, by all means, including affiliations with trade unions of press industry workers, except rival trade unions formed to disrupt the unity of the working journalists.
    To promote the cause of the working class in general and to enter into affiliations provided they are not with a political party. To assist members, where necessary, in securing employment.

  • To assist members, where necessary, in securing employment.

  • To ascertain the law and practice relating to journalism and to promote where necessary new or emending legislation designed to assist journalists in their professional duties.

  • To protect the interests of members when in the opinion of the Federal Executive Council, they are being wrongly dealt with for any act in the discharge of their professional duties.

  • To exercise supervision over its members when engaged in professional duties and to deal with questions affecting their professional conduct.

  • To maintain and administer unemployment, benevolent, superannuation, death benefit and other funds.

  • To publish, when conditions permit, an official journal.

  • To defend, maintain and struggle for freedom of the Press.

  • To create a web site for promotion of the objectives of the MFP and awareness among the journalists community both at home & abroad.

  • To set up a permanent Secretariat at Federal Capital & employee paid staff to run it as per rules, bye laws framed by the FEC as & when desired.

  • To seek aid & make linkage with international & national bodies especially belonging to the journalists for the cause of journalists its members.

  • To hold/ conduct on its own or with the help/ assistance of reputed organizations programs for training of journalists in various fields of journalism and trade unionism.

  • To hold/ conduct, workshops, seminars, symposiums, in any form as per modern gadgets for promotion of the cause of journalism.

  • To enter any agreement, with any organization both at national and international levels for furtherance/ fulfillment of the objectives of the MFP.

  • To hire, build, & enter any deed/ deal for its secretariat/ Federal Capital & other place as and when required.

  • To make a embosses stamp of the MFP for affixation on agreements/ deeds.

  • To establish library, reading room and other conveniences and to provide for the recreation and incitation of the affiliated unions, FEC members and dignitaries.

  • To secure the service of technical experts to supervise, controls manage and develop all or any the MFP’s pursuits.

  • To open, maintain, adjust state and close accounts with banks of every description and to do all acts necessary for the purpose.

  • To invest money in hands of MFP in such manner as FEC Deem it.

  • Generally to do all such things as may appear to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

  • to acquire on lease or otherwise, erect, construct, layout, enlarge, alter, demolish, maintain or repair any land and/ or building and to do all other things or works necessary and convenient for the purpose of the MFP.

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